Conditions of use



Softcart’s Company website which is developed and operated by Softcart LTD., serves as an online store to purchase products and services  (the: "store").

Everywhere in this regulations document where masculine term is used, it refers to feminine term also.

Provisions of these regulations shall apply to every use made by you on the site and any purchase would be carried out by you through the site. Since these regulations constitutes a binding agreement between you and the store management, please read the rules fully and carefully. Purchase of various products or services by you will constitute your agreement to store all of the terms for the transaction are included in the articles of association. If you do not agree to these terms, you are requested to refrain from any purchases at the store.


Store purchases


Any person who is a resident of the State of Israel who is 18 years or older on the day of the order, entitled to make a reservation at the store.

Buying through the shop subject to the conditions described in the regulations. Each person performing an order declares that he has read and understood the Terms store and that he  and / or its representative will not have any claim and / or lawsuit against the owners and / or operators of this store or their representatives except claims relating to breach of the commitment set out in this terms and regulation document.

Selling any product you ordered online be contingent commissioned product in stock, you own a credit card that is valid, and that there approve the transaction through the credit card company that issued the card. The sale may also be conditional upon receipt of additional information and documents from you, and for this purpose a sales representative for the company may contact you by phone.

If confirmation of the purchase transactions is not received the credit card, or that the products ordered are not available in stock, the store management is not obligated to provide the products you ordered. In this case an appropriate message will be sent to you by e-mail, and the store's management will refund your card. If you have been charged in error, we request that you immediately notify store management, who will refund your credit card.


Ordering products through a secure server


To order products please fill in the following information in the reservation process: the customer details (including name, social security number, address and phone numbers), package shipping address, the preferred form of delivery, and credit card information.

Please note that filing false information here is a criminal offense and who does so, expect legal proceedings for criminal and civil.

If this is your first time ordering goods from this store, you'll be asked to choose a password and enter it in the space provided on-site shop. In the future, when you wish to buy more products, you should identify according to the e-mail address and password you chose. These will save you from having to reenter all the information. With any purchase of additional goods, you can choose to update your personal information and shipping.

After submitting the order, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation of receiving the order, including all the details. This certificate shows only the details of the order were entered into the system and does not require the store to provide you with the products you ordered.

After the store manager will ensure that the credit charge, the products you have ordered in stock and that it has all the information necessary for her to carry out the transaction, the products will pack and send you. At this point, you'll be sent confirmation of the execution of e-mail delivery.

If you have not received confirmation of the order you submitted within 24 hours to take, it is likely that there was an error. In this case it is recommended that you contact us.


Incorrect Orders


If in the time of the order, wrong information is provided by you, the store management can not guarantee that the products will reach you. In the event that the products are returned to the store because of incorrect information provided by you, you will be charged for shipping and handling. Therefore, please make sure to include accurate and current information.




Personal information you provided at time of booking will be stored in a secure data store. The store's management undertakes not to transfer your personal information to other parties unrelated to the Company that owns the store. However, it is possible to make use of information that you provided to analyze and provide statistical information to third parties. In this case, the data will not include any personal information and can not be identified from.


The store's management taking precautions acceptable to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of information, and any transfer of a credit card from the website is encrypted in Standard requirements. However, in cases beyond its control and / or resulting from force majeure, the store management shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to you and / or anyone on your behalf if this information is lost or if will be in none authorized use by any person .


Product supply


Delivering the products you ordered will be chosen according to the shipping type you request when submitting the order. Time are calculated according to the first business day - Thursday, and will not include Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays.

Licensing delivery time is 15 working days. Licensing supply carried out by sending an email containing the license to use the software.

The store's management will not be responsible for delays in the supply of products as a result of events beyond its control - such as breakdowns, delays, strikes or lockouts in postal services, malfunctions in the computer or telephone systems harm the completion of the purchase process, or troubleshooting e-mail service.

In areas with limited access in terms of security management will be entitled to store the products available to a nearby place, which will be coordinated with you in advance.

Shipping charges are listed on the site include abnormal transport and / or shipment abroad. Freight transport means exceptional high floors without the possibility to lead by elevator. In the case of exceptional transport and / or shipping overseas store management will be entitled to charge you more about payment for normal transport.

As stated on the site that the shipment of the products will be through a messenger, errand company will coordinate with you directly to the arrival date. You or another adult person on your behalf will be committed to be the date of delivery of the products, to be determined acceptance, view the document verifying the details provided by you on the site and confirm in writing the receipt of the shipment. It should be noted that since the management of the store does not have any control over the company missions, it can not be responsible for any delay reaching or any other mishap associated with the arrival of the products to you at the time set for it. Therefore, you are dismissed prior to the company from any responsibility and any claim you may have on this matter will be directed by you solely against the company missions.

Normally, delivery through its missions will be to the house, but in the community, villages, kibbutzim, etc., products may be supplied to the post office nearest town or community office. In this case, you will be notified.

Prices of products as they appear on the site do not include handling charges, packing and shipping. The cost of this extension at the end of the booking and will be listed as a separate item. In the case of an installment sale, the store management may collect from you all handling fees, packaging and delivery date of the first billing.




Prices displayed on the site do not include VAT unless otherwise stated, only on the store checkout the VAT calculation will be carried out.

The store's management reserves the right to update the prices of the products in the store from time to time. The valid price reservation has been made is the price published upon completion of the order process.

Please note: Despite careful management of the store to check the prices listed on the site, often followed by an error may occur an erroneous price displayed on the site. In this case, the store management will approach you after booking, will inform you what is the right price for the product and allow you confirm that you require to make a purchase at the right price. If you do not approve it within three days - or if you refuse to buy the product at the right price - the store management is not obligated to supply it, and in this case will not have you any arguments whatsoever to the store management .the company offer price, terms of payment, promotions and benefits unique to each channel selling, and customer There will be no complaint about this difference.


Terms of Payment


The store's management will collect the proceeds for the products you ordered, plus a handling fee of packaging and shipping via PAY PAL or credit card you provided. Credit card will be charged at the time of the next monthly billing or several installments (as indicated by you at the time of the order), when the first payment at the time of billing will be charged on the next close charge.

On your credit card monthly billing report, the statement of your credit card will be titled: "Softcart Ltd".

If you want to change your billing information, including the number of payments will be made in accordance with and subject to change policy practiced at the time the credit card companies. For doing so you will be charged in addition to any additional commission that may be charged by your credit card company, a fee of 2% (two percent) of the transaction total price. The store offer price, terms of payment, promotions and benefits unique to each channel selling, and the customer will not have any complaint about this variance. .


Cancellation and return of products that are not defective


You may return the products purchased up to 14 days of their receipt, but only on condition that you opened the original packaging. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you can not return or exchange software, tapes, CDs, books and DVDs DVD.


To return the products you should send email  to with the date of purchase, order number and the reason for the return. In response you will be sent an email with return request number, and shipment details.

After returning the products you will be refunded the price you paid for them, minus shipping and handling and cancellation fee of 5% of the total amount of the returned product.


Defective Products and Insurance


Defective products will be replaced by similar products.  If the required product is out of stock of the store, you will be refunded. Avoidance of doubt, in case you have purchased defective products your only right is to replace them or get your money back, as outlined above.

In the case of a defective product, do not use it and send an email to including the ordering date, order number and description of the problem. In response you will be sent an email with a return number and shipping information.




Insurance for manufacturer's software.

The store management is not liable for any damage caused to you due to a delay in supply or resulting products provided were defective. In the case of a defective product that will apply the provisions of Section 10.1 ["defective products and responsibility"] above.

The online shop service is given as is (AS IS). You hereby waive in advance any claim, suit or demand against the store management in respect of service features, limitations or suitability for your requirements.

Store management does not warrant the use of the site online store which may be interrupted and / or the browsing in the Site will be conducted as usual without interruption and / or take place safely and without error, and / or will be immune from unauthorized access to computers store and / or that will cause you damage, malfunctions - including failures in hardware, software or communication lines to the store.

The store's management will not be liable for content posted on the site links to the online store, and lead to other sites that can be accessed through a link (link). The store's management does not undertake any link that will lead to the person performing the transaction an active website.

Without derogating from the limitation of liability of the store as it is a stated elsewhere in these regulations, the store management and / or its designees shall not be liable to you or incur any damage resulting from delays or failures in the supply of goods or services purchased on site, as well as any indirect, consequential damages or special you caused to the user or to any third party that would be caused by the use of the site or purchase through the store - will be the cause of action may be. In the event that the store management shall be liable to you for any grounds, then this warranty shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for the products purchased.

Also, the store management will not be responsible for the assembly and / or installation of products purchased from the store and that you are solely be paid by you.




Product images on the Website are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the pictures on the site, in part or in whole, from the products are actually sold.

Icons (icons), any information and / or display appearing on the website, including graphics, design, verbal presentations, trademarks, logos (logo) and their preparation and presentation of these, are the exclusive ownership of the store management and / or on its behalf. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute or publish the contents of the Website and / or or use them in any other way, unless the store management agreed in advance and in writing.

It is clarified that the presentation of products and / or services on this site as an opinion on the character or nature by the management of the store.

The computer records of the store management on actions carried out through the website shall constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of operations.

The Address of the company which is the owner of then store and this rules and regulations is Softcart Ltd, Bar Kochba 21, Bnei Brak. These regulations last updated on May 14, 2014 and can be changed at any time by the store's management in its sole discretion.


The store's management wishes you an enjoyable purchasing.