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Accusoft Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner App demonstrates the use of the Barcode Xpress Mobile SDK for Android™ and iOS®. This app shows how you can build a powerful barcode-capable application for whatever you need: industrial, retail, inventory or any other application.
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Accusoft Document Viewer for Salesforce

View attachments, of more than 300 different file types, from a browser, without downloading files or installing software. Just add in our Document Viewer for Salesforce component to replace the standard "Attachments" related list on any standard or custom.
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Accusoft Cloud Services

Accusoft Cloud Services technology enables you to link the documents on your servers to the viewer on our server (with no document uploads) and offers a real time unique experience for your users.
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Accusoft PICVideo M-JPEG Codec

PICVideo lets you compress and decompress M-JPEG video files better and faster than any other available codec! Ideal for viewing Motion JPEG files on Windows Media Player. M-JPEG is also used in video editing applications because it describes each individual frame completely. The PICVideo M-JPEG Codec includes a Microsoft Video for Windows interface and a Microsoft DirectShow Transform Filter interface. It is the only codec optimized for both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.
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