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Borland AccuRev

Software configuration and change management uniquely suited to optimize large scale agile software delivery
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Borland AccuSync

Synchonizes issues within AccuRev to stories and defects in other Issue Tracking Systems, or Agile Project Management tools
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Borland Atlas

Atlas eliminates the confusion between business teams and Agile teams, to help you gain the maximum value from your delivery teams. Atlas creates a collaborative and responsive software delivery life-cycle with real-time delivery status across all Agile teams and tools. Atlas enables product teams to constantly stay in sync with agile teams so that organizations can better respond to the pressures from today's market demands.
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Borland Borland Agile

Borland Agile provides support for scrum-based sprint planning, backlog management and tracking. Give your customers precise Agile requirements which keep pace with your development.
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