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ELDOS BizCrypto

BizCrypto adds secure transport, processing and storage for your data, files and documents processed to business server solutions by Microsoft® (BizTalk® Server, SQL Server®, Sharepoint® Server).
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ELDOS Callback File System

Callback File System component lets you represent any structured or raw data as files and directories located on a virtual disk. No matter if your actual data are kept in remote or local files, in database records, in memory, across the Internet or elsewhere, you will be able to represent and treat them as if they were part of one local or network file system.
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ELDOS CallbackDisk

CallbackDisk offers an easy way to create a virtual local disk backed by the previously created image of the real disk. Also CallbackDisk can be used to create a virtual container for files which are then stored in a single storage block (file on the disk or in remote storage). Creation of the virtual disk with CallbackDisk requires only a dozen of lines of code.
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ELDOS CallbackFilter

CallbackFilter is a component that allows your application to track any file system events on low level and react to them on-the-fly. Besides simple notifications, CallbackFilter lets your application decide how to process an operation request: whether modify input or output data before or after the operation is performed, deny access to the data, substitute or even cancel operation execution.
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