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SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

A full-featured traffic management tool for Windows that offers cost-effective bandwidth control and quality of service based on built-in prioritised rules. These rules can specify a bandwidth limit for each Internet user. With SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager, you can apply speed-throttling rules to specified IP addresses, ports and even network interfaces with no changes to existing network infrastructure.
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SoftPerfect Connection Emulator

A product aimed for network application developers, system administrators and network engineers. It imitates a network connection with a low bandwidth limit, delays, losses and other packet traversal issues to mimic a low-grade communication channel. With this software, you can test how well your application performs on a slow or long distance connection to ensure the quality of the product being developed or tested.
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SoftPerfect File System Notification Kit

This SDK allows developers to monitor file activity in real time by capturing file and folder I/O operations, which can be used for monitoring and auditing. Monitoring of shared folders and UNC paths is also supported.
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SoftPerfect Print Inspector

A print management and auditing solution for your LAN. It lets you manage print jobs queued to any shared printer and provides easy access to the printer and print server settings. Print Inspector also saves to a database statistics about all printed documents (document name, number of pages, name of the user who created the job, computer name etc.). The collected data can be exported to CSV format or used for reporting.
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