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SorensonMedia Squeeze 360

Squeeze 360 is a turnkey video publishing platform that enables local broadcasters to integrate live feed and library content into an over-the-top (OTT) live stream or video-on-demand (VoD) service.
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SorensonMedia Squeeze Desktop

Squeeze Desktop is Sorenson Media’s workhorse video encoding tool that will render the highest-quality video and audio files for professionals and hobbyists alike.
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SorensonMedia Squeeze Server

Squeeze Server was developed with large scale content producers in mind, and is great for a multiple user environment that requires a standardized output.
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SorensonMedia Squeeze Stream

Squeeze Stream is a multi-faceted online video delivery platform. Leverage the integration with Squeeze Desktop and Squeeze Server to easily upload, share, and publish videos. Want to avoid the unprofessional and often scandalous videos that show after your video has played? Squeeze Stream helps you to avoid the ads and other questionable material that will show on other players, giving you a much more professional presentation.
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