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Greyware Autoexec Service

What Microsoft forgot - Windows service runs a batch file or program at system startup before user login, under multiple security contexts. Restores to NT one of the most useful features of DOS.
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Greyware Detour Service

Low-overhead Windows Service transparently reroutes any TCP connection from one IP Port to any other IP Port. Also provides simple load balancing and failure fallback for any number of IP services among various servers.
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Greyware Domain Password

Allows users to quickly change Windows Domain passwords via their web browser. Self-configuring and flexible, works with accounts on multiple NT Domains. Gives users a single, simple way to change their passwords regardless of what OS they're using.
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Greyware Domain Time II

The world's most advanced and accurate time client/server synchronizing system for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Includes remote installation, time logging, central administration tools, test tools, much more!
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