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Keyoti RapidSpell Desktop Java

As-you-type spell checking with full in-document highlighting for Java Web (JSP & JSF) and Java Desktop (Swing only) application developers. Highlight users spelling errors as they type, paste or edit text within your app. Spelling suggestions are provided in a right click context menu.
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Keyoti RapidFindReplace WPF

RapidFindReplace WPF allows developers to quickly add a powerful find & replace dialog tool to WPF apps. Enhance user experience with the ability to locate & replace strings within textboxes, documents and dozens of controls. RapidFindReplace also features advanced user options such as Wildcards, Regular Expressions, Case Sensitivity, Whole Word and many more.
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Keyoti RapidSpell .NET Dictionaries

Integrate (as-you-type and dialog) multilingual spell checking functionality into .NET Windows applications. RapidSpell Desktop .NET dictionaries will allow you to add Dutch, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Swiss German, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Italian or Brazilian Portuguese spell checking support to RapidSpell Desktop .NET applications. A Medical Dictionary is also available. These dictionaries have been developed by Keyoti and are fully customizable using Dict Manager tool (free to all RapidSpell .NET customers). Australian and Canadian English dictionaries are available free of charge.
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Keyoti RapidSpell Desktop .NET

RapidSpell Desktop .NET was first released over 12 years ago, it has been refined by thousands of real world customer experiences to produce the current version, 5. As you type, user options, dialog mode, auto correct - it's all there, and stable!
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