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MathWorks Aerospace Toolbox

Aerospace Toolbox provides reference standards, environmental models, and aerodynamic coefficient importing for performing advanced aerospace analysis to develop and evaluate your designs.
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MathWorks Antenna Toolbox

Antenna Toolbox uses the method of moments (MoM) to compute port properties such as impedance, surface properties such as current and charge distribution, and field properties such as radiation pattern.
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MathWorks Bioinformatics Toolbox

You can combine toolbox functions to support common bioinformatics workflows. You can use ChIP-Seq data to identify transcription factors; analyze RNA-Seq data to identify differentially expressed genes; identify copy number variants and SNPs in microarray data; and classify protein profiles using mass spectrometry data.
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MathWorks Communications System Toolbox

The system toolbox provides constellation and eye diagrams, bit-error-rate, and other analysis tools and scopes for validating your designs. These tools enable you to analyze signals, visualize channel characteristics, and obtain performance metrics such as error vector magnitude (EVM).
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