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PowerBASIC Classic PowerBASIC 9 For Windows

Classic PowerBASIC is a proven product with value pricing. It's a true professional compiler... Not too long ago, it was known as PowerBASIC 9.0 for Windows. It's a great introduction to the Power in PowerBASIC -- a serious compiler at entry-level pricing. It's compatible with every version of Windows from Win95 to WinVista and Win7.
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PowerBASIC Classic PowerBASIC Console Compiler 5

Looking for a professional level compiler that has statements such as INPUT, PRINT, LOCATE, LINE INPUT, INKEY$, INSTAT, CLS, COLOR, KEY, KEY$, and LPRINT? One that creates Windows applications? One that is not limited by 640K, but can access megabytes and megabytes of memory? How about a low low price? Look no further the PowerBASIC Console Compiler 5 has all this and much much more!
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PowerBASIC Compiler for DOS

PC Magazine's Editor's Choice! (September 28, 1993) DOS BASIC programmers want supported compilers - that continue to improve (DOS isn't dead!). PowerBASIC is clearly the standard of comparison for BASIC compilers. Incredible string handling, instant TSRs, a built-in assembler, new data types, BCD variables, direct array operations (sort, scan, insert, delete), fast math, and many other BASIC firsts. Complete online manuals!
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PowerBASIC PB/Xtra - Programmers Reference Collection

More PowerBASIC source code than you ever thought possible. Now with version 3, PB/Xtra III has over 1 gigabyte of source code, libraries, utilities, shareware, freeware, tips and techniques, and third party demos all supporting the latest version of PowerBASIC
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