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Specops Gpupdate

Specops Gpupdate is a free tool that provides you with gpupdate, wake on lan(WOL), restart and shutdown functionality directly on objects in Active Directory from your Active Directory Users and Computers interface. You also get full instant graphical reporting of the selected operation.
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Specops Gpupdate Professional

Specops Gpupdate Professional is the enhanced version of Specops Gpupdate. In addition to the functionality of Specops Gpupdate it includes features such as Ping, Send Message, Read Remote Registry, Run executable, Run executable remotely, Start Event Viewer, Start Explorer, Start Remote Desktop, Start Remote Assistance
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Specops Inventory

Would you like to be notified in real time when your organization faces software license compliance issues, or when maintenance contracts for mission critical desktops applications are about to expire?
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Specops Password Management

Specops Password Management is a full service offering from Specops Software which includes Specops Password Policy, Specops Password Reset and Specops Password Sync.
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