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Specops Password Policy

Specops Password Policy removes the limitation of one Password Policy per Active Directory domain as well as making each policy more granular from a security requirement standpoint.
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Specops Password Reset

Specops Password Reset is a self-service solution that enables end users to address the most common tasks related to password management including forgotten passwords, locked out Active Directory accounts and password resets and changes.
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Specops Password Sync

Specops Password Sync allows for synchronisation of Active Directory user account passwords to multiple connected systems such as SAP, Google Apps, and Office 365.
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Specops Self Service Portal

The Specops Self Service Portal (SSP) allows a user to request applications automatically without contacting the helpdesk. Specops Self Service Portal is a stand-alone product that can be used in combination with Specops Deploy or with any other deployment solution that can utilize security groups for control.
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